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Lectronimo® was created by Digital Wave®, a web consulting agency driven by user interaction and engagement. Founded in 1993, we began focusing on higher ed work in the mid-2000s with the development of university-wide presences and roll-out strategies for Drexel and Rutgers. Today, we continue to provide full service development and ongoing support for higher ed clients ranging from small community colleges to large universities.


A Brain Child We Stand Behind

We’ve put our decades of experience and higher ed knowledge to work with the Lectronimo® platform, which enables us to provide custom content support and strategic consultation specifically suited to our clients. We simplified the development process by creating a template-based solution with built-in features catered to meet institutional needs while allowing flexibility and customization throughout.

Clients with modest budgets can interface with the same Digital Wave consultants whose expertise in content strategy, user experience, branding and messaging, and web technology helped shape the online strategies for our university clients over the years.

Digital Wave’s Custom Web Service Clients


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