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    The power of Lectronimo® at a glance

Built-in UX Standards

We’ve incorporated the latest UX standards into Lectronimo, prioritizing the users we know are important to higher ed clients and making components and tools that serve them first. Every Lectronimo site is responsive and looks great on whatever device you use.

Higher Ed Specific Components

Modular Layout

Responsive Design

Accessibility Compliant

Simple Management Tools

Lectronimo’s intuitive tools make creating and managing content a breeze for experienced and beginner content editors. The powerful, fully-featured content management system will make your first-time content editors feel like pros.

Drag & Drop Interface

Content Approval Workflow

Integrated Image Editor

Invite Users to Engage with Your Content

We encourage an engagement-oriented approach to content, and the components we’ve built reflect that. Our toolbox of components includes numerous ways to highlight what makes your institution unique while inviting users to contact you to learn more.

Degrees & Programs Listings

Integrated Multimedia

Profile Pages & Listings

News Pages & Listings

Campus Alerts


Social Media Integration

Built on Drupal, Hosted by Pantheon 

Digital Wave® provides platform and ongoing support, giving you access to new Lectroniomo features. We regularly check in with clients to prioritize our road map and guide future development.

Lectronimo is built on Drupal. Drupal is ranked as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms and is widely used in higher ed. Over 70% of the top higher education websites use Drupal, including sites for Harvard, Brown, Yale, and Rutgers University. Each Lectronimo website solution takes advantage of Drupal’s many strengths, including flexibility, control, and a robust user community.

Pantheon® provides the cloud hosting for Lectronimo, which allows us to keep the platform online and up-to-date with the latest features.


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