• How it Works

    More than a set of tools, work with a dedicated team of consultants

Lectronimo® empowers you to reset your content process and address your website’s user experience with proven, higher-ed focused components and a dedicated team of consultants to help you evaluate, style, implement, and evolve your web presence.

Built on a Foundation of Content Strategy and UX

Our 20+ years of experience working with higher education institutions resonates throughout Lectronimo, which features components built specifically to solve some of the most common problems facing higher education websites today. In order to tailor your web experience to your users’ needs, we’ve designed our process to give you ample time to meet with our content consultants so they can guide you to improve your content and process to better achieve your goals.

Features Easy-to-Use Content Management Tools

Managing higher education content for an entire institution is challenging. Lectronimo simplifies the process of creating, reviewing, and updating content through a flexible and powerful drag-and-drop component interface. Lectronimo’s workflow controls allow you to approve content and delegate the work without fear of disrupting your live site or compromising quality.

Priced to Minimize Up-Front and Ongoing Costs

Launch your new site in 3-6 months for just $30,000. Recurring support and hosting costs vary.

We’ve reduced the cost of building a website by developing a flexible set of tools based on our experience working with higher education clients for more than a decade. Instead of taking months to reach a functional version of your website, it takes only a few days for us to set up your site so that you can begin the content process. We host the site to cut down on your maintenance budget, and build in ongoing consultation for when questions or concerns come up.

What to Expect

1. Brainstorm with our expert content strategists

Capitalize on opportunities and avoid complications down the line by developing a plan that allows your new site to address your pain points and uncover new ways to best serve your users.

2. Create an inviting look to support your brand

We set up your site, integrate your branding, and implement design customizations to make sure the site represents you. We walk you through each component, making customizations as we go, so you can see the design come together in real time.

3. Customize your content structure in the CMS

Work alongside our content strategists to align your content to achieve your goals. We’ll map your content to Lectronimo’s content types, establishing a foundation for the rest of the site and resulting in a plan for populating your site.

4. Master our robust content management tools

In addition to our standard training sessions, our consultants collaborate with you to workshop some of your most important pages. We’ll demonstrate Lectronimo’s technical capabilities and establish content design protocols to be used throughout your site.

5. Test, troubleshoot, and go live within weeks

Gather feedback from your stakeholders and users and make final adjustments. Once ready, we help you flip the switch and push your new site live.

6. Manage and evolve with expert guidance

After launch, we stay by your side. Our client success manager meets with you regularly to review how things are going, inform you of any upcoming changes to the platform, and connect you with our consultants to address any challenges or opportunities.


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